About Us

Since the program’s inception (2003), more than 200 men have been served by RH. The average stay is 6-9 months. In general, we consider three months the minimum time to adequately complete the program.

Our director serves without pay. Our salaried staff are: a full-time program director, who is a RH graduate and a certified substance abuse counselor; and a full time house manager at each residence. A staff member is in residence 24/7. The staff bring their lived experience of prison and parole, and/or substance abuse history to the program.

Our subsidized fee is $650 per month. We provide residents with room, board, laundry, transportation, personal hygiene items, and clothing (if needed).  Actual cost per RH resident is about $1,200/month vs $5,900/month in tax money to house a prison inmate.    Initially, most residents are only able to contribute their food stamps and general assistance, which totals about $300.

 Meet some of our Board:



“Restoration House is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of the men it serves. I am privileged to join such an effective organization and hope to build on its success by taking on the ongoing funding issues and establishing personal connections with the residents. I am eager to see what God has in store for Restoration House and how I may be a part of that.”

Jayson Jay, a native Californian, has had many learning opportunities and experiences while growing up in construction, auto repair, budgeting, teaching and travel. He joined the Restoration House (RH) board of directors in late 2012.

While in high school in 1988, he started dating his future wife, Michell, and the two were married in 1994. They have been heavily involved in leadership at their church, including Celebrate Recovery, marriage classes and bible studies.

Jayson has been a financial consultant since 1998, working for multiple banks as they merged their businesses, and he was exposed to a great variety of people with various needs. In 2004, he started consulting for the largest financial institution in the world at the time. In 2008, after successfully using advanced planning and managed money strategies, he moved his business away from a corporate structure. As an independent advisor and together with his business partner at Harvest Wealth Advisors, Inc., Roseville, he has been able to better focus on the specific needs of his clients and implements solutions to uniquely achieve their goals.

Jayson loves to travel and enjoys hiking in the local Sierra Nevada mountains. Photography, cooking, nutrition and fitness, as well as teaching and helping others, are his passions.

He has his bachelor’s degree in accounting from The Union Institute and has accumulated multiple certifications and licenses in the financial services industry.



“I have always considered that the successful integration of even one person back into society is worth the entire Restoration House effort. Our record of success with our clients fully supports the continuation and expansion of this program.”

Sacramento native Arnold Schuler, a California certified public accountant, joined the Restoration House (RH) Board of Directors in May 2004. He served the state of California more than 39 years in six agencies, managing the State Controller’s Office, technology functions for the Department of Transportation and the Board of Equalization and the Department of Benefit Payment’s 37 field offices engaged in audits and collections of the employment insurance tax.

As a consultant, on fiscal and organizational matters, he has advised management for the State Departments of Managed Health Care, Transportation, Motor Vehicles, Water Resources, State Teachers Retirement System and the California Attorney General.

He is a past board member of the NorCal Center for Deafness, which he served more than 10 years, and has also served on numerous statewide and national boards and committees. In addition, he has done extensive lecturing on fiscal and management issues to numerous public and private groups.

Arnold earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s degree in public administration from the California State University, Sacramento.





“Restoration House, as conceived by its founder, Gary Timmons, has provided me with the opportunity to progress from just complaining about California’s deficient penal policy, to personally doing something about it. I am grateful in these past years for the chance to have been a part of the Restoration House family of parolee participants and their dedicated supporters.”

Mike Steffen, among the founders of Restoration House (RH), is a member of the California State Bar and a licensed real estate broker. Besides his work as an RH board member and the board’s president for three terms, he has served as a mentor to parolees and has facilitated personal growth workshops at Old Folsom and Mule Creek prisons. A native of Fresno, he obtained undergraduate and law degrees from the University of San Francisco. Mike had a long career with the California State Automobile Association in San Francisco and in Sacramento, where he managed the organization’s local office of litigation attorneys. After several years of retirement, he joined the Roseville law firm of Penney and Associates where he currently supervises the firm’s workers compensation and Social Security sections.

He and his wife, Taffy, make their home in Folsom.