Restoration House…

  • provides it’s community with a sober living environment in beautiful facilities in the Fruitridge East area of Sacramento. Personal responsibility, respect for others, communication, conflict resolution, and similar skills are learned and lived. Residents agree to curfews, random drug tests, and to supporting one another. We accept applications without regard to ethnicity, age, race, or sexual orientation. We are not able to accept PC 290 applicants, Alternate Custody Program (ACP) applicants, or anyone unable to easily navigate stairs.

  • is certified by CAARR (California Association of Addiction Recovery Resources) and a member of CCAPP (California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals). We have a certified substance abuse counselor on staff. We are not a licensed treatment facility, and we do not provide detox, medical or psychological services.

  • addresses the whole person. Components of our support structure include:

Spiritual.   We are a Christian faith-based program. Bible study, prayer and life-sharing time are the core of our program. Each resident is encouraged to worship and become involved in a church of his choice.

Educational.  Residents are encouraged to participate in ongoing education: school, GED preparation, or vocational training.

Life-Skills Training.   We offer opportunities to learn money management and budgeting; shopping and cooking; social and relational skills; finding and using community resources for employment and other needs.

Rehabilitation.  Each resident sets person goals and has a personalized program. Progress and accountability are provided by weekly individual meetings with staff, and in resident group meetings. Residents are encouraged to participate in AA, NA, or other self-help groups.

Employment.  Residents are required to seek and hold full time employment. If disabled, applicants must currently have Social Security Disability benefits, or family or other support sufficient to pay fees.


Since the program’s inception in 2003, more than 200 men have been served by RH. Our general program goals are tailored to each resident’s unique situation, need, and personal goals. “Program completion” is not measured in time, but in accomplishment and readiness to move to independent living. The average stay is 6-9 months. In general, we consider three months the minimum time to adequately complete the program.

We consider “success” when a resident leaves with most of the pieces of his life in sync: spiritually and personally integrated, maintaining sobriety, employment, reunited with family, successfully completing parole, fulfilling personal goals, facing his future with hope.