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Application: Resident Application 22-Dec-14


The vast majority of our residents come to us directly from prison/jail. Most are between 30-60. Most are “lifers” who have been incarcerated for 20+ years. Typically:

  • 80% have substance abuse history;
  • most have entrance level marketable skills;
  • most lack basic social and money management skills;
  • many are estranged from family, or have limited family support;
  • almost all depend upon food stamps/general assistance as part of their RH fees.


Primary Items Considered in Acceptance of Residents:

  • Recidivism history, and evident life-change already in progress.
  • Capability for full time employment, and employability.
  • Substance abuse history, and 12-Step participation.
  • Christian spiritual/religious practice.
  • Local family or other support system.

Program Fees:

  • When eligible, public funding sources may provide full fees for a limited period.
  • Without public funding, subsidized fees are $650/month.
  • General Assistance and CalFresh (food stamps) may be applied to fees.
  • As necessary, we will work with residents and families to establish a payment plan, but full fees must be paid by the fourth month.


Reentry Program Overview

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